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How to choose the suitable motor for robot?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2018-04-19 15:42:00

How to choose the robot small motor should refer to the motor parameters,power ,performance,material and other technical indicators. For example,zhaowei small reduction motor parameters specializing in the robot industry are described as the following text.

outline dimension:3.4mm-38mm


voltage :3V-24V

transmission noise:below45DB

reduction ratio :5-1500

ouputt speed:5-2000rpm

 ouputt torque:  1gf-cm ~50kgf-cm

Scope of services:intelligent robot,autonomy of robot,adaptability of robot.

Motor type

1. reduction motor

The reduction motor is the ordinary motor with gearbox of reduction,which reduces the speed ,increase torque and forms the electromechanical integration to achieve the ideal speed and torque.So that the motor can be used more widely.For example, the small deceleration motor developed by Zhaowei Electromechanical is widely used in the field of small intelligent robot.

2.stepper gear motor

Stepper motor is an induction motor. Its working principle is to change DC into time-sharing power supply by using electronic circuit, and the multi-phase timing control current, which is used to supply power to step motor, can work normally.The driver is a multi-phase timing controller that supplies time-sharing power to step motors.

3.steering engine

The steering engine is a position (angle) servo drive for control systems that require constant angle change and can be maintained.At present, high-grade remote control toys, such as aircraft, submarine model, remote control robot has been widely used.


The procedure of selection

1. Determine the speed required for the robot and calculate the deceleration ratio of the reducer according to this speed (the deceleration ratio = the speed of the entry axis / the velocity of the output shaft = the speed of the motor / the mechanical requirement);


2, calculate the torque of the load, select the output force of the reducer according to this moment (refer to the "output torque table" provided by the reducer manufacturer, determine the type of the reducer;



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