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How to clean the DC planetary gear motor?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-30 13:52:00

DC planetary gear motor has the following advantages:

1. Small vibration, low noise, high energy saving, high quality steel materials, steel cast iron box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment.

2. Space saving, reliable and durable, high overload capacity.

metal planetary DC motor

3. Low energy consumption, good performance, the efficiency of the reducer up to more than 95%.

4.Through precision machining, to ensure that the positioning accuracy, all this constitutes a gear drive assembly of the gear reducer motor configuration of various types of motor, the formation of the mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteed the use of quality characteristics.

5. Products have been used in a series of design ideas, the modular design, there is a wide range of adaptability, this series of products have a great number of motor combination, installation position and structure of the program, according to the actual need to choose any speed and various structural forms.

6. Gear motor with international technical requirements, has a very high technological content.

Due to the advantages of the direct current planetary gear motor, it has been widely used in smart home, medical devices, automotive, industrial intelligent transmission and other fields. So, how to clean the direct current planetary gear motor?

When the DC planetary gear motor is removed and the high voltage motor is removed, the rotor can be removed from the shaft or the non extension. If there is no need to remove the fan, or from the non shaft extension end of the rotor is more convenient, from the stator of the rotor, should prevent damage to the stator winding or insulation. When the thermal protection of high voltage motor is in continuous operation, the fault can be found out from the reducer motor or the whole set of the protective device is too low.

DC planetary gear motor surface should be kept clean, air inlet shall not be subject to dust, fiber, etc.. Replacement of the winding must be written in the form of a primary winding, size and number of turns, wire gauge, professional electrical maintenance replacement of grease should be clear old lubricating oil, and gasoline to clean the bearing and bearing cover of the oil tank.


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