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How to create the biggest advantage?

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Industry Pushed Developments

At the dawn of the industrial age, the predominant machine was the AC induction motor, which is basically a constant speed device. Thus when applications required different speeds, the pulley would be changed, resulting in significant production down time - due to the excessive time required to change pulleys. The industry needed a more efficient method to attain different speeds.

Brush & Permanent Magnet Motors

It wasn't until the development of the DC motor that this would be accomplished. By simply changing the applied voltage, motor speed could be varied. DC motors remain in use today in applications needing variable speed control. The next design was the PM (permanent magnet) DC motor. Since the stator field is generated with permanent magnets the field remains constant, this provides linear and predictable speed-torque characteristics, i.e. speed is dependent upon applied voltage, and torque delivered is dependent on current. Since PM (permanent magnet)torque/current relationship provides high torques, these motors are used in applications where accurate positioning control exists.

Brushless Motor Technology

The next motor technology enhancement was the brushless DC motor. This design has tremendous advantages; it combines the best benefits of both AC and DC designs plus brings its own unique advantages to applications. It combines the long life of the induction motor and linearity of the permanent magnet motor, plus adds higher speed range capability (productivity), size weight reduction (compact design), and improved torque capability (precision). Therefore it provides machine designers with a competitive edge in their marketplace by increasing production capability, improving machine reliability and increasing life.

Brushless motors are used worldwide for their basic benefit of optimizing performance per package size - - no other technology can match it. In addition, brushless brings tremendous advantages to many applications, combining the best features and benefits of past successful designs while also incorporating additional, unique advantages.

Whether you are searching for custom gearmotor for a new project or replacing an existing motor, ZHAOWEI’s experienced engineers and vertically integrated manufacturing  can tailor-made and build for your application. Any questions, please call us at hotline: 86-755-27322652 or visit our website at: and send your messages, Joint Exploration is warmly welcomed! Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!

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