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How to deal with the problem of moisture in the DC planetary gear motor?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-02 10:45:00

    Planetary gear motor with low torque ripple, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, stable operation and other characteristics, has been widely used in industrial intelligence driven, car drivers, smart home, medical devices and other fields. The main production of ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics includes the planetary gear box, small gear box, DC gear motor, micro precision motor and other products. In production, we often find that some DC planetary gear motor placed for a period of time not to use, re enabled when found DC planetary gear motor winding insulation resistance is reduced, especially in the rainy and heavy air humidity season,  the insulation values might even reduce to zero. Facing such problems, how to deal with the problem?

metal planetary DC motor

    Firstly, it should be dry processing, so that the insulation resistance, absorption ratio to achieve the specified value, if the rush into operation, it is possible to make the DC planetary reducer motor coil insulation breakdown, resulting in accidents.
    Secondly, the external heat source heating method, the best is a special motor drying box for drying, this method is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Another kind of wet motor for the first to remove the test, with the large power of the incandescent light bulb into the motor, but only for easy removal of small DC motor. For large and medium size or not easy disassembly of the motor is relatively large workload, but also reduces the feasibility of. Should pay attention to is: the method lighting or heat not too close to the coil, to prevent burning coil, in DC planetary deceleration motor shell stamped canvas goods for thermal insulation.
    ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics production of DC motor with a small size, power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection and other characteristics, welcome to consultation!

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