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How to improve the durability of planetary gear box?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-10-22 09:55:00

Planetary gear box is widely used as a transmission device, such as: auto parts, intelligent hutch defends, household appliances, medical equipment, communications equipment, industrial equipment, instruments and meters, model aircraft, robot, personal care, security camera, digital electronics, etc. Has expanded torque, reduce the effect of rotational speed. But in terms of use, how can we improve the durability of planetary gear box?

First of all, when selecting a planet gear box, we should be in strict accordance with the size of the load and the output rotational speed to choose suitable reducer, gear if the load is too large for a long time in full, natural life is not long.

10MM Plastic planetary DC motor

Second, the speed reducer to use after a period of time, we need to constantly observed, such as sound, speed reducer reduce or other situation, at this time whether reducer internal problems should be considered. Find reducer in use after a period of time when temperature is too high or the rotation is not very smooth, just need to decide whether the gear wear and tear or need to add the lubricating oil.

Finally, on the installation of planetary reducer, the best should be in accordance with the smooth, shock absorption, the stability of the support structure.

Zhaowei Mechinery and Electronics in the planetary gear box is gear transmission products, quality has the very high technical content, it has the newest technical requirements for production, has reliable durable, under high overload capacity, etc. Planetary gearbox gear is used in the product after precision machining, to ensure the accuracy of the product, ensure the quality of the products use, so as to improve the durability of the planet gear box.


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