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How to judge the DC gear motor is good or bad?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-25 14:32:00

With the DC gear motor more and more widely used, Customer may be concerned about how to judge the DC gear motor is good or bad when purchasing ? The following by Zhao wei Electrical for everyone to bring a few methods to determine it:

1.Connect the positive and negative together and screw it, if there are a lot of resistance the line is normal, otherwise there would be internal breakpoint.
2.Rotate the motor by hand, if the feeling of a significant greater resistance, that the motor has a short point inside. (Smooth transition to normal)
3.Power change when the investigation for the spark, no sparks the best, there are stars sparkle for the outstanding, spark into the line is poor, there can be used to ring the fire; (Shouji will be shortened)
4.DC high-power motor running to the temperature rise when the stability, stop with a multimeter to measure the resistance of the winding. Usually zero to several ohms.
5.Operation to the temperature rise after the stability of the motor surface temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If beyond this value, It will clarify the temperature rise of the motor is worse than basic.
6.Plus the extra voltage, measuring the speed, with the marked speed error should not exceed 10.
7.Plus 1.2 times the extra voltage, running for 2 minutes, investigate whether there is any abnormality;
8.DC high-power motor with a multimeter to measure the commutator between the chip voltage, if there is no two between the chip voltage has the same rules ,It would clear that the winding is normal.





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