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How to make planetary reducer more durable?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-02-24 10:43:00

Planetary gear reducer is widely used as a transmission equipment, to expansion the torque and reduce the speed, but how can we to make planetary reducer more durable when put into work?

First, when we choose a reducer, we should be in strict accordance with the size of the load and output speed to select the appropriate reducer, if the load is too large, then the gear for a long time at full load, the natural life is not long.

6MM Plastic planetary DC motor

Secondly, when the speed reducer is used for a period of time, we need to have frequently observed, such as reducer whether there is abnormal sound, the rotating speed is reduced or other circumstances, at this time should be considered inside the gear reducer if there is a problem. After using a period of time found reducer temperature too high or rotation is not very smooth, you need to determine whether the gear wear or need to add lubricating oil.

Finally, in the installation of planetary gear reducer, it is best to be in accordance with the smooth, shock absorption, stability of the support structure above.

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