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How to protect the small DC motor ?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-09-12 18:30:00

    Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 1997, which is State High-Tech enterprise for gear transmission design and manufacturing. Our DC motors are mainly related to automotive components, industrial equipment, smart home, medical equipment and standardized gear box, providing services and solutions for the world's intelligent driving.

    In order to ensure the small DC gear motor reducer to work normally, in addition to according to the operation rules of normal use, running attention normal monitoring and maintenance, we should also carry out regular inspections and do a good job on motor maintenance work. This can be in a timely manner to eliminate some of the problems to prevent the occurrence of fault and guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the motor. Regular maintenance intervals can be according to the form of gear motor environment.

1. Timely remove dust, grease around the motor.

2. Check the motor terminal.

3. Check and tighten the screws.

4. Main method: using the lubricating oil. In addition to wipe the lubricating oil in the gear, any parts of the transmission friction must always be added the lubricating oil, they are the best way to reduce wear and tear and prevent breakage.

Small Dc gear motor is characterized by gear as a power transmission, so the importance of gear can be imagined. Therefore, our most important work is to prevent gear damage, reduce the abrasion of the gear in the transmission process. We can often add the lubricating oil to the gear reduction motor, because the lubricating oil can play an important role in the impact force of gear operation.

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