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How to select the planetary reducer?

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-09-09 11:24:00

    In the family of gear reducer, due to its small size, high efficiency, wide range of reduction, high accuracy and many other advantages, planetary reducer is widely used in servo, stepper, DC and other transmission system. Under the premise of ensuring the precision transmission, planetary reducer mainly used to reduce the speed, increase the torque and reduce the inertia ratio.

To select a planetary reducer, you first have to determine the reduction ratio. If there is no standard sample with a reduction ratio you need in our company, please make your order to our company.

After determined the reduction ratio, please multiply the rated torque of the servo motor with the reduction ratio, in der regal, the rated output torque should be less than the values obtained on the speed reducer that provided in the product catalog, at the same time, the overload capacity of the motor and the actual required maximum operating torque should also be considered. The required maximum operating torque is 2 times less than the rated output torque. After having been met the above conditions, please choose the smallest reducer, on account of small reducer is relatively low number of evaluations.

metal planetary DC motor

Next to consider the return gap of planetary reducer. The smaller the return gap, the higher the accuracy as well as the cost. Users could choose serial reducer that meet their accuracy requirements. We should also take account of the lateral / radial force and average life span. Its average life expectancy is far more than the service life of the servo motor. After having been met the above index, according to the product catalog provided by our company, users can select the reducer with your motor phase adaptation in installation size, shaft diameter and input flange.

Finally, you must consider the weight of the motor. A speed reducer is only allowed to be equipped with motors in a certain weight. If the motor is too heavy, the long time running will damage the input flange of the reducer.

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