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"Intelligent" brings the micro drive market

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-20 16:47:00

    ZHAOWEI is speciallized in manufacturing and selling mini DC gear motors and planetary gear motors. Now, tailor-made service is available! If required, please contact us with no hesitation!

Steam engines and model train sets are classic model-making applications. Whereas previously items were roughly molded from tin, today fine detail is called for. As well as appearance, the focus is increasingly on realistic handling. Modern electronics allow a large number of locomotives to be controlled digitally with no complex wiring or different power supplies. A micro drive in the model locomotive provides the link between the electronics and the mechanisms, enabling delicate shunting operations and interurban journeys with many wagons to be replicated accurately to scale.

These days, model train sets are popular with adults and children alike. Depending on the use, a wide choice of toy trains and exceptionally faithful replica models is available. As one of the leading providers of high-end model train systems, Nuremberg-based Fleischmann has now developed a new model. Their miniature replica in N gauge of the Bavarian 70 series locomotive (BR 70) from 1930 is both convincing and highly detailed. Even the lettering measuring just tenths of a millimeter high can be read perfectly with a magnifying glass. Naturally this passion for perfection does not stop when it comes to the drive technology. Major strides have been made in development here, with the professional model makers at Fleischmann bringing micro drive specialist FAULHABER into the developer pool for this very purpose. This enabled a specific tailored concept to be formulated that considered drive requirements, model size and characteristics right from the start.

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