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Micro-motor intelligent ---car seat belt adjustment motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-23 18:16:00

There is a view that the current intelligent motor service occupied a wide field. In the mechanical and electrical industry, it is one of the important devices. Intelligent micro motor should be able to get better development because the future of motor world will controlled by intelligent motor. Micro motor manufacturers should take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate the intelligentized process, so as to expand their market share and promote the development of the motor industry.

About micro motor intelligent, only need to do a good job in the micro motor control, and Intellectualization should be in a higher level. We suggest not put too much of smart things in the motor control. The focus of the motor control is how to make the motor more stable, more accurate, and how to make the response faster.

Micro motor intelligence and the whole industry chain is closely linked. Although the domestic intelligence has not reached the requirements of intelligent yet, but the process of the rapidly increasing market is a chain competition. In this trend, in addition to the basic performance of the micro motor, the industry chain of all enterprises are also faced with the transformation and development, especially for micro motor control manufacturers to seize the rare opportunity. Micro motor from the traditional to intelligent transformation is a trend. This is a big change, which also has a risk. If transformation cannot be successful, the product will not be accepted by users. This is an an important issue we need to continue to exploration and improve in a period of time in the future.

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