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Micro deceleration motor - Automotive regulator

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In fact, the micro reducer motor as a part of the family, the work principle and the principle of the reducer is no big difference, but is more accurate, it may be some people do not understand. So, today we will introduce the working principle of the micro motor and the advantages of the work.

First to talk about the working principle of micro motor. In the gear box type planetary reducer, the gear box housing is closely connected with an inner ring, and the center of the ring gear has a sun gear, which is located in the middle of the two. Planetary gear sets need to rely on the output axis, an inner gear ring and the sun gear support, and floating in the meantime. In addition, when planetary reducer side power driving the sun gear, planet gear will therefore and rotation of the phenomenon and basis of rotation of the planetary gear in gear ring track and along the center of revolution, then planetary rotation will drive link in the tray on the output shaft, and thus the output power.

The characteristics of the micro motor is very obvious, the internal gear is not only small, light weight, and the carrying capacity is very high, so it's very long service life, in the operation is relatively stable, no noise or low noise. In addition, the micro motor output torque and speed ratio are relatively large, the overall efficiency is high and have the safety performance, and there are power flow and multi tooth meshing with such characteristics. So micro motor has become a widely used new type of reducer. Mini gear motor applicable to auto parts, intelligent kitchen, household appliances, medical equipment, communications equipment, industrial equipment, instrument and meter, model aircraft, robot, personal care, security camera, digital electronics, and industry.

Micro motor gear reducer after treatment can effectively reduce the noise, and improve the efficiency in the use of the machine and service life. However, the working principle and working characteristics of the micro motor, the introduction of the tip of the iceberg is just the tip of the iceberg, you want to know more, welcome to visit!

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