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Motor Achieve intelligence, toilet change life!

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-06 10:38:00

  According to the relevant data show that during the Spring Festival in 2014,  Japanese toilet cover has become the trend in urban affluent class, 450000 Chinese visitors spent nearly 6 billion RMB for shopping in Japan, the toilet cover is hot products of choosing and buying, and cause the toilet cover  of some large electrical appliances shop nearly out of stock in Japan, it also witnessed the toilet culture with a small step in China.about toilet, Japan is probably the best voice, they have the world's most advanced intelligent toilet.And the core component of intelligent toilet cover, originated in the United States, the new product joined the set cover heating, warm water wash, warm air drying, sterilization and other functions.then how does the smart toilet cover do this?Let us share and  know together.

  First of all, the flushing function of  intelligence  toilet  is the most appliable for people. Every time after using the toilet, shower bath function of intelligent toilet cover can replace toilet paper to clean, not only can effectively remove dirt, and are more likely to destroy cause infected with disease viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.Rinse component is mainly composed of motor, gear and nozzle group, the working principle is motor driven gear group through the nozzle component in gear meshing, the nozzle components do movement back and forth, thus to achieve flushing and massage function.
  Secondly,  the intelligent toilet cover flip gearbox is to achieve and cushion the core component of automatic open and close, with stable performance, long life, big torque, the characteristics of high efficiency.This time , Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics developed domestic advanced automatic damping reduction gear box structure, which adopts turbine worm structure and the dual structure of planetary gear box, can easily turn lifting up to 15 kg of surface cover, perfect solved the double difficulties of a clamshell panel and from 0 ° to 110 ° of the compact time and moment life problem, achieved from 0 ° to 110 ° clamshell only need 3 seconds, make up for the domestic similar products failed to break through the technical defect;To bring new breakthrough technology research and development of domestic intelligent toilet cover.

  In washing massage function, it also has deodorization function, it solved the toilet historical development since one of the biggest flaw, Zhaowei research and development of new type of smart toilet cover gearbox with small volume, convenient operation, in sit implement internal structure on the basis of the original, don't change the way of any structure, make the overall structure is simple, and driven by micro motor fan convulsions of micro gear motor, drawn from the toilet in purified gas into the filter, repass spice box, make the discharge air fragrance and pleasant.





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