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Noise Solution Of Micro Gear Motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-04 10:22:00

    Micro gear motor noise generated mainly stems from a drive gear reduction gear box of friction, vibration and impact, and the motor shaft concentricity. how to effectively reduce noise and to make it more conform to the requirements of environmental protection? ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics has been discussed to solve this problem.

32MM Plastic planetary DC motor

    In gear transmission products, how to reduce the micro gear motor gear transmission noise at runtime, has become an important research topic in the industry. Many scholars at home and abroad with the change of tooth mesh stiffness in gear transmission gear as the main factors of dynamic load, vibration and noise. Many manufacturers with the modification method, the dynamic load and minimum speed fluctuation, in order to reach the purpose of reducing noise. This method is proved in practice as a more effective method. But in this way, the process requires a modification on the equipment, the medium and small plant often cannot be implemented.
    ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics gear transmission after many years of product research, put forward by optimizing the gear parameters, such as coefficient of displacement coefficient, depth, pressure angle, center distance, make the meshes to minimize the impact velocity, the recess action impact velocity and meshes into impact speed ratio in a certain scale, reduce or avoid the design method of gear meshing pitch shock, also can significantly reduce the micro gear motor gear noise. According to this method, research and development to produce low noise micro gear motor, planetary reduction gear box, and other products.

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