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Planetary gearbox, make the cell phone camera play a new height

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-09-08 16:35:00

 As an additional function of mobile phone, mobile phone digital camera function develops rapidly .With the improvement of camera pixels, the shooting is becoming more and more close to the traditional CARDS SLR cameras and even the low end SLR cameras. Now mobile phone camera is an indispensable part of our life.

  opularization of mobile phone camera sets front and rear two-way cameras, producers consider the ratio of cost to the phone and functional limitations, in general phone front-facing camera pixels are lower than the rear camera pixels. But today's front-facing camera function is becoming richer and richer, majority of mobile phone camera configuration can't satisfy people's demand for high pixel. Therefore, ZhaoWei developed
6 mm planetary reduction gear box to solve the small volume and the service life. In the mobile phone inside limited space, realize the dynamic problem of electric rotating camera .

  The first time cooperation Mobile phone projects is for OPPO N3 carrying electric rotating camera. Its innovative design changed the traditional concept of mobile phones - the lens of "thinking", using "planetary gear levels transmission structure", match with
stepper motor, camera will turn up.

  OPPO N3 electric lens component was tested precisely and strictly , including under different humidity, temperature, environment.The test content includes the rotor and rotor stepper motor rotation test 200000 times, 200000 times continuous front and back rotation test.In other words, if the user turn 100 times a day, enough to turn the three years.
Electric rotating camera planetary
gear box is to use "planetary gear levels transmission structure", planetary gear modulus M = 0.05, pitch of each gear is smaller than a human hair. Why Zhaowei has such a development ability? Zhaowei has 0.03 MM wire diameter, the 7th wire cuttingmachine in China. Only in this way can we work out the equipment of gear, M = 0.05. Zhaowei also has 160 sets of sumitomo automatic electric injection molding machine to ensure the precision of gear to create tiny precision planetary transmission gearbox.
This design not only reduces the cell phone cost, but also meets the needs of users in front of pixels , and achieves a breakthrough in the design of the mobile phone cameras. Above (electric rotating camera) of the planetary gear box service plan is customised for specific customer, only as one application examples of 6 mm planetary reduction
gearbox. Learn more about Zhaowei, please inquiry:






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