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Planetary gear motor skills - commutation

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There are often some failures in the commutation of the planetary reducer. The main reason is the influence of the environment on the size of the commutation spark and the brush wear. Here is a brief introduction to the planetary gear motor for the related commutation skills:

Planetary reducer motor armature winding induction alternating current, through the mechanical effect of brush and commutator, the inflow of external circuit current to direct current. The so-called commutation, is to use the mechanical aspects, forcing the current in a coil in a very long period of time from one to another. For DC motor, the current size is equal to the direction of the reverse direction.

The commutation failure of the motor, mainly refers to the electric brush under the direction of the change of the spark exceed the standard. The normal operation of the commutator, the surface should be smooth, should have a layer of dark brown cuprous oxide protective layer, the protective layer can increase the contact resistance between the electric brush and the commutator, brush reduce short-circuit current, not to be worn to protect the commutator, which can improve the commutating sheets working conditions, reduce the spark.

In the case of the surrounding environment, there will be a greater change in the direction of the change of the spark, so that the wear of the brush and the reversing plate aggravated: oxygen in the air is not enough, cannot make the film surface to form a complete film; air temperature is too low, the surface is not easy to form a film; air containing corrosive gas and dust can destroy the oxide film has formed, resulting in difficult to reverse the brush wear.

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