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Planetary reducer selection - specific methods

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-25 18:26:00

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For many users, I believe that the planetary gear reducer is not so strange, because many enterprises, in the process of production, are required to use the equipment. Before use, should be clear and specific principles, but also should have a specific structure. The structure can be divided into single - level reduction, the minimum value is about three, and the maximum value is no more than ten. In addition to the use of the time, it should be clear that the common reduction ratio. With the increasing demand of the market, there are many types of planetary gear reducer sold in the current market. For some inexperienced people, do not know how to choose.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the selection of a suitable planetary reducer, at this point, it should be clear that planetary reducer selection techniques. Because only mastered the specific skills, in order to ensure the overall effect. In the choice of time, should consider the operating parameters, mainly including the speed of the gear reducer, the input shaft speed, the corresponding working environment and positive, reverse two to run.

In addition, in the choice of time, it is time to determine the specific reduction ratio, at this point should be clear and specific formula, because only the calculation formula is correct, then in the calculation of the time, to ensure the correctness of the calculation results. Of course, at this time, it should be fully considered whether the existence of the motor overload, if there is, it should be chosen to carry a large capacity of the reducer. Then we should consider the return gap, usually the case, the smaller the gap, the higher the accuracy, of course, the cost is higher. For the majority of users, in the selection of gear reducer, should meet the accuracy requirements, but also should consider the average life expectancy. In the whole installation process, it should improve the reliability, reduce the error.

Compared with other speed reducer, planetary reducer has high rigidity, high precision and high efficiency. Equipment failure, maintenance more convenient. And the installation of the stepper motor, not only can reduce the speed, but also can improve the torque, configuration inertia. At the same time, we should analyze the specific structure, and when the equipment failure, it should be clear that the specific solution. Usually, different faults, the corresponding solution, the natural will be different. Therefore, the choice of time, to be integrated into consideration.

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