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Problems occurred in the operation of micro gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-26 10:18:00

    Mini gear reducer has a structure of small size, high torque output, large ratio, high efficiency, superior performance, safety and reliable performance, widely used in auto parts, intelligent kitchen, household appliances, medical equipment, communications equipment, industrial equipment, instrument and meter, model aircraft, robot, personal care, security camera, digital electronics. In the course of running, there may be some problems such as vibration, noise, temperature rise too high, so that many users do not know how to deal with it. Here, the reasons and treatment methods for the generation of these problems are introduced :
    Noise in the use of micro gear reducer
    Micro gear reducer in the course of the operation appeared causes of noise for planetary reducer multi-start worm separately uneven in fast rotation and in slow  rotation appear the reason of the noise is the quality problem of the bearing.

8MM metal planetary DC motor
    Micro gear speed reducer high temperature rise and jammed
    Reducer under normal operating conditions of the highest temperature not exceeding 45 degrees Celsius, such as high temperature, should immediately stop and check the machine, generally appear the reason for selection of the tonnage of the reducer Pian Xiaochao load, or worm and worm gear end cover with high temperature pressure into tight appeared, the input speed is not excluded in the worm gear reducer for grease lubrication, the worm shaft with the highest speed shall not be more than 1000min/s, such as input speed is too high will also appear exalted and blocked condition and high temperature processing method is reduce the input speed, check the gland of the embedded with is not tight and whether planetary reducer oil shortage phenomenon.
    The vibration of the micro gear reducer in use
    Gear reducer motor in use process after the additional load of vibration are uneven pitch screw, worm separately is not uniform, planar pressure bearings and taper bearing quality standards, screw under sheath with the tight, and installation of the eccentric problem.
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