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Professional solutions planetary gearbox--ZHAOWEI

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-13 18:30:00

    ZHAOWEI is the development and production of gear transmission products of the national high-tech enterprises, to provide customers with transmission scheme design, parts and tooling design and manufacturing, parts production and integrated assembly of the full range of services.

Our drive solutions have set standards for numerous applications and sectors according to this motor. Our customers appreciate us as experienced development partners who, at the end of the process, deliver a technically and economically convincing result. Many innovative special systems with a planetary gear at their core have already been created in this way – for example our watertight, corrosion-resistant tubular motor for underwater unwinding systems in swimming pools. You benefit from this wealth of experience. Because no application is so special that we would not have the right solution – whether a complete customer-specific new development or planetary gears produced from our modular system, used for propulsion in automation technology, machine construction or the packaging industry.

From “custom” to “standard” - Each planetary gear from ZHAOWEI is precisely designed for the requirements of the particular application. As a result of intensive coordination during a very early phase of the project we achieve flawless technical results and prevent time- and cost-intensive corrective cycles during the development process. This leads to a smooth market introduction with high availability in the field. It is not necessary to re-invent every gear again in order to achieve this goal. For numerous solutions we can combine existing modules from our comprehensive modular system with components specially redesigned for the task.

So we can offer you a fully customized gear as seen in the application examples, a customized standard like in the 'construction kit' or a standard planetary gear if this fits your requirements.

More detail information, please visit at or contact us hotline [86-755-27322652]

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