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Reason for more intelligent camera technology--planetary gearhead

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    Founded in April 2001, is a research and development, production gear transmission mechanism of the national high-tech enterprises, with nearly 20 years of experience in gear transmission. Company's products mainly include: DC motor, micro motor, planetary reducer, planetary reducer, gear reducer, reducer motor and other products. At the same time, to provide customers with the transmission scheme design, parts of the mold design and manufacturing, parts production and assembly of the full range of services.

Modern camera technology makes specific demands of light construction cranes. The recording devices achieve a weight of several kilos without any problems. Depending on the job site, additional weight is added by heavy telephoto lenses. This poses two challenges for the crane: First, the boom must be able to naturally support the weight, second, all movements of the camera must obey the operator’s commands fluently and without any delays or bouncing motions with dynamic recording. The crane specialist solved the problem for the larger professional grade devices by means of a special alignment of the controllable crane heads. In this way, the smaller remote head Alex can carry up to 15 kg of load capacity with a dead weight of only 6.8 kg, its larger brother Pele even up to 30 kg at a net weight of 9 kg.

The total mass of up to 20 kg at the 12 m boom is moved safely and precisely via efficient brushless dc servo motors with a planetary gearhead. Current events and good recording is “captured” manually only, therefore a camera man controls the pivoting movements during filming by hand via a control console. In order to provide the operator direct feedback of his actions via a screen, the motors must accelerate without delay. However, quick does not necessarily mean with a jerking motion; a soft utilization of force is key, any nodding, or rocking motions of the camera by too much of an acceleration would result in blurred images. A large, popularly utilized advantage of the brushless motors is that they can accelerate using ramps that are preset and adjusted to the respective camera weight. In this manner, the system’s pivoting tendency is reduced to a minimum. An optional moisture attenuation additionally calms the camera at the crane boom. In this manner, a silky-smooth start-up, and a slow pivot that's barely recognizable by the human eye, are possible. Even with television filming, sharp images are the result.



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