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Reduction gear box motor craft Particular

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-08 18:23:00

    Zhaowei---micro gear motor---it is your right choice. Our products are high precision, long life, high stability, low noise. We continue to explore the gear speed reducer of unknown problems and solutions.

Because of the reduction gear box is finding wider and wider application in our daily life, the reduction gear box brand on the market at present is more, the customer on the choice are easy to be misled, thought is the higher the accuracy of the brand is better., in fact, the user should choose to meet the accuracy requirement series of reduction gear box can, don't always demand high accuracy, is only suitable for yourself is the best cost-effective products. Zhao wei mechanical and would now like to give you a brief introduction the advantages of several kinds of reducer motor!

High efficiency. Dowel pin scroll meshing planetary reducer implementation, small friction loss, dowel pin ring cycloidal meshing pair tooth load distribution is reasonable, the more the machine transmission efficiency;

High load bearing. Adopted the planet type planetary gear reducer to realize the adaptive structure, realization for meshing pairs meshing pair of both load, reduce the average load on a pair of meshing pair, so as to improve its carrying capacity and impact resistant ability;

Smooth transmission, low noise. Post pin ring is small, the quality of the turning arm bearing selection according to the requirements of strength, realize the balance of inertial force, so smooth transmission, low noise;

   Low cost, the use of pumping technology, simplifying the structure of the planetary reducer, the same power, different transmission ratio of the cylindrical pin ring structure, product can achieve mass production, while the key parts processing technology is good, do not need special equipment and superb technology, application of general purpose engine can process manufacturing, manufacturing cost is low;

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics main research and development production of micro gear motor, planetary gear box, gear box, reduction gear motor, etc. At the same time, can also be customized according to customer demand, providing customers with a full range of transmission solution.


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