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Repairing and drying method of reduction gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-10 10:37:00

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics focuses on research and development production of micro gear motor, reduction gear, planetary gear box, gear box motors and other gear transmission products. Reduction gear box, they are widely used in use process will often encounter all sorts of problems. Below, zhao wei mechanical and electrical simple introduction for everyone under the reduction gear box motor repair and drying.

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Reduction gear box motor gear agglutination in gear contact area, due to the instant high temperature by "melting", molten material on the tooth surface by pressure and sliding, glue attached to its matching tooth surfaces. Repair method: adopt the viscosity of the lubricants, strengthen the lubrication, prevent overload; Strengthening cooling, prevent the high temperature in tooth surfaces; Should be on tooth surface glue glue is attached to the tooth surface of melt grind off, remove the oil residue, first light load running, running in a certain period of time after the inspection have no problem to normal driving; If the melt severe plastic deformation is large, and replace the new gear. First to be affected with damp be affected with damp reduction gear box motor after the overhaul, with high-power incandescent light bulb in the gear motor internal to baking, or the reduction gear box motor into the chamber to dry. This method is easy to operate, safe and reliable, but applies only to tend to be small deceleration motor overhaul. For large and medium-sized or difficult to overhaul the reduction gear box motor workload is relatively large, but also reduces the feasibility. Should note that this method when the light bulb or heat source is too close to the coil, in case of burn out the coil in the reduction gear box motor shell on the canvas items such as thermal insulation.

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics can customize gearbox productions according to customer demand and provide solutions to clients with a full range of reduction gear motor services.


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