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Routine maintenance on internal parts of planetary reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-16 10:55:00

Planetary reduction motor is more and more extensive in daily life applications, ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics to teach you how to maintain the inner parts of planetary reducer, to ensure the service life of the planetary reducer.

1. When the planetary gear motor at work, the temperature rise in the box body, the gas expansion pressure increases, for the expansion of air can be freely discharged, to keep the pressure balance inside and outside, does not cause the lubricating oil along the box surface or shaft seals and other gap leakage, usually a ventilation device is arranged at the top of the box.

2. The speed of the motor bearing cover for the fixed shaft parts of the axial position and bearing the axial load, bearing block hole ends with bearing cover closed.

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3. Gear motor guarantees the removable box cover, keep bearing hole manufacturing processing precision, should be in the precision processing of the bearing hole, the box cover and the box seat is provided with the positioning pin on the connecting flange.

4. The oil level indicator to check the height of the oil surface of the oil tank in the reducer, often to maintain a moderate amount of oil in the oil tank.

5. The oil drain plug and drain sump oil and cleaning agents, should be at the bottom of the box seat, at the lowest position of the oil pool set oil hole, usually with the plug will put the oil hole plug, oil drain plug and box joints shall be added with leakproof gasket, often start checking, or are there help.

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