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Small Custom Planetary Gear Motors

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-04-26 09:40:00

Our DC planetary gear motors are DC motors attached to gearheads with a Planetary Geared configuration. The Planetary gear configuration consists of 3 types of gears; the Sun gear, the Ring gear also called the Annulus gear and the planetary gears.

These gears are configured like a solar system with the Sun Gear in the center, the Ring gear which is the outer gear with inward facing teeth and the planet gears which rotate around the sun gear and ring gear and mesh between the two gears.

Planetary gear motors are used in applications that require high efficiency, low backlash, high torque to weight ratio, high resistance to shock. Some areas of application are; precision plotters, ink jet printers, precision cutting tools, CNC welding systems, lifts, many robotic applications.

12MM metal planetary DC motor

ZHAOWEI supplies a variety of standard gear motors and custom planetary gear motors for every application. When a standard model does not meet your application, we have many capabilities to tailor our motor and gearbox combination to delivery your goals and expectations for your application. Our factory engineering department is available to evaluate your needs and provide you with a cost effective solution for your project with very quick turnaround time.

Some of the solutions that we have provided for customers include changing shaft diameters, changing shaft materials, changing bushing materials, and changing raw materials of the gears, of our standard designed models to improve the motor’s strength and torque capabilities and overall life. We have also adjusted the gear ratios of our standard models as a method to dial in speed and torque requirements of our customer’s applications.

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