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Small DC Gear Motor Design: Three Miscellaneous ConsiderationsSmall DC Gear Motor Design: Three Miscellaneous Considerations

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-04-21 11:03:00

Design of small DC gear motors often gives a lot of attention to features like power and voltage. Although these are of course important, don’t forget about other aspects of the motor that might affect the operation of your device, the operation of nearby devices and the quality of the user experience.

Service Life - Our standard small DC gear motors have service lives that fit most applications but some of our customers need more. The biggest threat to service life is use of underpowered motors. You may think you are saving a little money by buying a smaller motor, but you are really just putting more strain on the device. Motors run at the high end of their torque ranges will burn out more quickly. Environment is also a consideration. Warm, dry environments break down lubricants so the device might need extra cooling. Cold conditions can cause lubricants to thicken, putting more load on the device. If your motor will be used in extreme conditions then consult with our engineers to find a design built to withstand the environment.

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Noise - You may think that small DC gear motors run quietly but that depends on the circumstance. Imagine a patient in a quiet hospital room who has to listen to the high pitched whine of the motor in an infusion pump. Or consider working with a large machine with dozens or hundreds of motors. The sheer number of motors is going to increase the volume and could become irritating to workers near the device. If sound is an issue, our engineers can design a custom motor with special attention to everything from materials to fittings to type of bearings so the motor runs as silently as possible.

Electromagnetic Interference - Our small DC gear motors meet required standards on EMI but sometimes the standards aren’t enough. If the motors will be used in or near devices that are sensitive to EMI then you will need to make design decisions to minimize the interference. Solutions include installing shielding, placing the motor far from the sensitive parts of the device, routing wiring in certain ways or using motors of certain types or built with higher quality components.

Not all small DC gear motors are suited for all applications. Contact our engineers if you have any concern about our stock motors and we will be happy to design you a solution tailored to your needs.

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