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Small body, big power--samll DC Motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-01 18:28:00

    Zhaowei---micro gear motor---it is your right choice. Our products are high precision, long life, high stability, low noise. We continue to explore the gear speed reducer of unknown problems and solutions,

The exacting requirement to combine power,efficiency and reliability in a small package is ideally met by compact bell type armature motor, with gearhead. The coreless rotor with skew-wound coil saves weight, and while smaller than conventional rotors, it offers comparable performance. Thanks to the rotor's low weight, the drive is very dynamic in the ramp-up phase, which shortens the closing times. As the drive is only in operation for a short time for the closing process, the wear on the commutator is not significant. On the contrary, the mechanical commutation allows reliable start-up even at the lowest voltages and functions. Of course, this process calls for specialist expertise. A special alloy for the commutators, and select brush materials, ensures that even under adverse ambient conditions, the contact resistance is extremely low and thus service life remains high. This is also the only modification necessary on standard motor. The mechanical structure, bearing and surface coating are identical to those used in the standard range. As micro drives obtain their power from the rotational speed (output = rpm times torque), the motor's output speed has to be reduced to a value suited to the application by means of a planetary gearhead with matching diameter.

At the same time, this increases the torque at the driveshaft. This means that any lock with a euro profile cylinder can be opened in less than a second. Even for the gearing, all standard design components were capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the security application in question. This also applies to the lifetime lubrication by select lubricants specially developed for high-efficiency micro drives. As a result, the overall efficiency of motor and associated gearing can be reliably maintained at the necessary high level over many years or hundreds of thousands of closing operations.



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