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Small volume and large energy--micro gear motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-06 17:46:00

    Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2001, which is State High-Tech enterprise for gear transmission design and manufacturing. Our DC motors are mainly related to automotive components, industrial equipment, smart home, medical equipment and standardized gear box, providing services and solutions for the world's intelligent driving.
  Stepper motors are suitable for many – even highly dynamic – positioning tasks. Thanks to carefully selected materials, these miniature units can accelerate up to 1200 rpm in one step and without overshooting.The use of high-quality NdFeB magnets with superior temperature resistance is the key to their performance. Indeed, the motors are able to provide continuous problem-free operation at 70 °C housing temperature for a period of several days – without interruption. In this case, the coil may actually reach a temperature of 120 °C and the magnet up to 100 °C – without any limitation on service life or effectiveness.

A special lubricant that is particularly stable against temperature and aging supports these properties. Such standard motors have even ventured into space – with certification for 4 °K. What’s more, the motors are capable of performing to the highest standards of precision if they have been "out of action" for an extended period of time (performance proven after seven years of non-operation). Another advantage of the micromotor is the use with a 3 V operating voltage. In contrast, traditional DC motors need at least 5 V control voltage for the sensor technology. The "miniatures" can be supplied for operating voltages up to 12 V. The ability to identify and magnify minute structures has become more important than ever before. Modern micromechanical technology with micro-stepper motors provides the ultimate in "freedom of movement".

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