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The advantages and wide use of planetary gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-07 16:51:00

    China Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co. Ltd engages in designing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of electric motors. They are mainly suitable for the following applications: smart home application used in smart kitchen and laundry, medical instrument for personal care, smart E-transmission applied in automobile, industry automation applied in telecommunication and a great variety of plastic/metal planetary gearbox in different sizes.

  The principle of planetary gear reducer is a kind of dynamic convey institutions, using the gear speed converter, put the number of rotary motor slowdown to turnover number, and get a larger torque. Planetary gear reducer shaft less the number of teeth on the gears mesh big gear on the output shaft to achieve the goal of reduction. Common reducer can also have several on the same principle of gear meshing to achieve ideal reduction effect, the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gear, the transmission ratio

Planetary gear reducer is a new type of planetary gear reducer, with a broad range of general internal gear are 20 crmnti carburizing and quenching and grinding. The machine has a structure of small size, large output torque, speed ratio, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance, etc. New energy cars, mobile phones are widely used in the 4 g base station antenna, home service robot, intelligent household, consumer electronics, intelligent robot, etc.

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