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The areas that precise micro gear reducer can be used to

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2017-11-13 10:47:00

The areas that precise micro gear reducer can be used to

1.The common external diameter of precise micro gear reducer is below 38mm. The parameter of material, ratio of speed and rotated speed can be designed according to the requirements. The precise micro gear reducer designed by Zhaowei company can be applied to gear solution of many automotive industries, digitization equipment, precise medical areas, smart home, vehicle powertrain, electric products

There are some success cases 

1.the solution of medical robot precise gearbox

2.the solution of automotive sales machinery gearbox

3.The solution of the adaptability and autonomy of smart robot gear

4.The solution of digital electronic lock gear

The precise micro gearbox reducer is the competitive product of micro gear motor. It has a high technical level ,made by the latest technology and precise equipment. Besides, it is small, durable, low movement and it has high bearing value, low cost, low noise, loss reduction.The precise micro gearbox reducer can be applied to vehicle, aerocraft, medical,internet, advertisement, electrommunication, furniture, home appliance automation equipment and security


2.How to solve the adaptability and autonomy of small intelligent child interact robot.

small intelligent child interact robot can do many activities including feel, reasoning, decide, study, communicate, interact. If intelligent robot get alone with children well, this can enlarge and take place of the parts work of keeping company, educating and babysitting, and improve the adaptability and autonomy of robot’s interact and communicate function as well. The main technical features of this robot is the fusion between person, robot and environment. It is easy to have a good interaction with environment, atmosphere and other robots and adapt to any complicated, dynamic environment.

Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd has focused on development and manufacturing service of precise gearbox, intelligent voice, interactive robot for 21 years.

You can see some solution as follows:

In the language interaction system, we use our own gearbox to design platform, to design the automotive parameter of involute planetary gear system, bevel gear, face gear. By optimizing gear’s parameter such as modification coefficient, addendum coefficient, pressure angle and center distance, to minimize the impact speed, then the ratio of approach impact speed and recess action impact speed can be controlled in a certain scope. Decreasing or avoiding the impact of mesh pitch circle, fulfilling the needs of low noise.

2.In the safe range of tape transport, precise reducer is the key component of robot, it has been called “joint” of robot. Using planetary gear reducer with child intelligent robot can improve the quality and efficiency of robot. Designing the changeable transmission ratio institutions according to the requirements, it has three levels and it can change the reduction ratio, gearbox’s input speed and moment. As for the precise test of reducer’s function, the sample frequency should be at least tenfold than the frequency of transducer, ensure the real result.

3.In the communication fast interaction, DC gear motor is applied to moving the joint of child intelligent robot. It is required to have quality ratio of largest power, torque moment of inertia ratio, high regulated torque and adjustment scope. Just like the robot end effector, it should use small-quality, small-volume electromotor with high short-term overload capacity. The motor gearbox of child intelligent robot that we designed has some good features like low voltage, underpower, low rpm, low noise, long lifespan,micro and high torque.


The problems that small intelligent child interactive robot should solve

1.content and interaction. The key of education for children is content and interaction. Nowadays, many child robots are just interact by language or cellphone.

2.Self-study capability: the difficulty is not about instruction or technology but the interaction of emotion, appearance of content and the self-study ability of robot

3.Catering to both parents and children

4.Sense of emotion 





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