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The characteristics of the gear motor gear transmission

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-10-26 10:08:00

    Gear motor used generally in the low speed high torque transmission device, the working principle of gear motor is the motor, the internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation of the gear motor power by the number of teeth on the input shaft of the gear engagement output shaft on the big gear deceleration purpose, to achieve common gear motor will have a few of the same working principle of gear to achieve ideal reduction effect, and the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gear is gear ratio.

20MM Plastic planetary DC motor

Gear motor function: 1, slow down at the same time improve the output torque, torque output ratio according to the motor output by reduction ratio, but must pay attention to the torque cannot be rated torque reduction motor itself.2, slow down at the same time reduces the load moment of inertia, moment of inertia to reduce of reduction ratio of the square. General slowdown motor helical geared motor (and helical gear deceleration motor including parallel shaft helical gear reducer motor, turbine gear motor, bevel gear reducer motor, etc.), planetary gear reducer motor, cycloidal pinwheel reducer motor, motor and turbine worm reducer, planetary friction type mechanical CVT machine, and so on.

General terms common in our daily as long as there is a slowdown in motor turbine worm gear motor, harmonic gear motor, the three planetary gear reduction motor. The three gear motor itself, each has its own unique advantages, such as: turbine worm gear motor under certain conditions has the function of reverse self-locking and turbine worm gear motor can have big reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not in the same axis, is not in the same plane, but the turbine worm gear motor relative to other gear motor, volume is larger, the transmission efficiency is not high, accuracy is not high enough. Gear motor and harmonic harmonic drive is to use the elastic deformation of flexible components controlled to transfer movement and power, small size, high precision, but the disadvantage is that soft wheel life is limited, don't impact resistance, rigidity compared with metal parts, input speed cannot be too high. And planetary geared motor has the advantage of structure is compact, return small gap, high precision, long service life and you, and can do a lot of rated output torque, but planetary gear deceleration motor price is quite expensive.

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