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The determine of the motor of the micro gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-08 18:20:00

    Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of precision gear reducer. With many years of practical experience, our engineers analyze and share the reasons and solutions of hardened tooth surface gear reducer damage to the customers.

Micro gear speed reducer is the micro gear reducer and motor (motor) a combination of, how to determine micro gear deceleration motor model? Shenzhen Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics to tell you need to know the following three aspects:

A. torque, calculation of load torque, according to the choice of micro gear deceleration motor torque output, can provide reference for gear deceleration motor manufacturers "output torque table", to determine the micro gear deceleration motor model;

B. reduction ratio, determine the speed of machinery, according to the speed of calculation of micro gear deceleration motor reduction ratio;

C. to determine the additional features of the micro gear deceleration motor, such as electric braking power, frequency, reduction box, brake, shell material and so on, some additional features specific factory can only provide;

Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics through twelve years in the field of gear and gear box professional design, development, production, through the comparison of industry and a lot of experiment data design, developed the reduction gear box, dc gear motor, dc gear motor, micro planetary gear motor, gear motor motor, etc. Main production micro gear box, micro dc motor, micro gear motor, dc gear motor. Our company according to customer demand research and development production of planetary gear box, plastic, planetary gear box, small noise, voltage stability, transmission smooth, etc.Never appear skid, the phenomenon such as swing. 


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