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The importance of gear lubrication of planetary gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-11 10:40:00


Planetary gear box is widely used in the field of industrial intelligence, office automation, personal care, smart home, medical devices, automobile driving, intelligent robots and other fields. High efficiency and high bearing capacity products of ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics includes planetary gear box, micro gear motor, gear box reducer, planetary gear box, planetary reducer. To make the planetary gear box to operate normally, to ensure that the service life of the product, we must learn to gear the planetary gear box lubrication.

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Gear lubrication is an important problem in the development of the planetary gear box. Many researchers are working on the problem of tribology. According to the relevant literature, in the general transmission power of gear reducer, gear reducer, the smaller the spindle, then the friction torque of the operation of the friction torque in the total power loss, the greater the proportion. However, in the planetary gear box, it is not easy to accurately measure very small friction torque. But the friction torque of the planetary gear box can be calculated, and it will be increased. At present, people pay special attention to the problem of the friction of the planetary gear box, looking forward to the future in the near future to solve the problem of planetary gear box.

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics has been very focused on the mechanical and electrical problems of planetary gear box gear lubrication, to take a variety of ways to solve this problem. Therefore, the mechanical and electrical planetary gear box with low noise, no slip and other characteristics. We can also customize the planetary gear box, to provide customers with a full set of planetary gear box.


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