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The micro gear motor torque calculation method

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-11-05 17:11:00

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Torque is very important, whether the seams have to see him, you know may lead to the gearbox overloads jammed and reduce the service life of the gear motor.Is often seen on the market of servo motor for power, practical and high coefficient of work above the normal range, but also can choose according to the following two points

(1) it is important to note when selecting a servo motor output shaft diameter of axle never greater than form the instructions on the maximum diameter of axle, otherwise will be installed.

(2) the rotation speed and torque, both must also meet the conditions, can't separate speed or torque, because there is a relationship between the rotational speed, the higher torque will be lower, the lower the speed. Also, on the motor current limit control box of torsion protection is necessary.

Micro gear motor selection to choose appropriate own, reducer must be the same as their requirements or close to, according to the facts in need of precision with manufacturer of speed reducer can also be customized, and can achieve ideal reduction ratio by adjusting. Micro gear motor reduction ratio calculation is the speed of the motor divided by the output of the gear speed reducer speed.

Matters needing attention

The type of micro gear motor and other problems, we can choose from the type, specifications and brand to start first. By comparison, the choice of the type of easy, installation and application load conditions and other features reasonable right choice. Universal gear reducer and special reducer on the selection of also have very big distinction, general reducer is suitable for all walks of life, but the reduction ratio is designed according to standard of commonly used equipment, and special gear motor can the actual data of design according to user's need.

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