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The most common parameters of the micro gear box

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ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics is a professional micro gear box manufacturers, which plays a very important role between gear and motor. Zhao wei mechanical and electrical is committed to information communication and new energy smart transmission mechanism, independent developed 4 g base station antenna electrically controlled system, intelligent home, intelligent robot core driver module, in a international leading level. We and HUAWEI, Germany BOSCH, PANASONICS and many other fortune 500 companies established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership, business growth and development prospect.

1. Service life: the speed of the motor under the rated load, the rated input speed of the total working hours.

2. Full load efficiency: in the case of the maximum load (failure to stop the output torque), the transmission efficiency of the reducer.

38MM Metal planetary DC motor

3. Noise: unit dB (A), this value is the input speed of 3000 rpm / min, without load, the distance of 1 meters from the time when the measured value.

4. Rated torque: is a long time to run the rated service life. When the output speed is 100 rpm, the average life of the reducer is reduced, and the average life of the motor is reduced. When the output torque is more than two times the speed reducer fault.

5. Backlash: the input end is fixed, is the output of the clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, when the output side of the 2% rated torque, the motor output end by a small angular displacement, this angular displacement is the return gap. The unit is "points", that is, once the 1/60.

Our micro reducer can be customized according to customer demand, in order to provide customers with a full set of motor solutions, with low noise, high efficiency transmission characteristics.


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