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The outstanding advantages of micro planetary gear reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-10-13 18:34:00

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Micro planetary gear reducer is a wide range of industrial products, its performance is more perfect, it can be used as a supporting component for lifting, mining, transportation, construction and other industries, then what can you benefit from it?

1. Structural advantage: micro planetary gear reducer main transmission structure: planetary wheel, sun wheel, outer gear ring, because of structural reasons, single stage reducer for minimum 3, most commonly does not exceed 10, common reduction ratio:, gear reducer series is generally not more than three, but part of the large reduction than custom reducer has 4 grade deceleration.

2. In comparison with other gear reducer, it has high rigidity, high precision, high transmission efficiency, high torque and volume ratio.

3. Micro planetary gear reducer rated input speed is high, and this can be adjusted through the size of the device, the rated output torque can be done very much.

4. The operating temperature is genera

lly in the -25 to about 100 degrees Celsius, by changing the grease can change its working temperature.

5. The structure is more compact, the return gap is small, the precision is high, service life is long.

6. Micro planetary reducer is a universal distribution kit, the application of a very wide range of industries.

Above is the advantage of the micro planetary gear reducer, precisely because it is very easy to use the equipment, also determines it customer groups and use of industry is very broad, so interested friends can browse our other information, better understanding about its other information.

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