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Three ways to improve the durability of planetary gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-29 14:19:00

The planetary gear box is also called the gear box. The structure is the mechanism of the multiple planetary gear to rotate around a sun wheel. Planetary gear box is widely used, and the first motor coordination, in addition to the micro motor is used, also for the sun industry office automation, intelligent Home Furnishing, production automation, medical equipment, financial machinery, games and other fields. Such as automatic curtain, intelligent toilet, lifting system, currency-counting machine, advertising light box etc.. But how can we improve the durability of the planetary gear box in use?

8MM metal planetary DC motor


First of all, in the selection of the planetary gear box, we should strictly according to the size of the load and the output speed to select the appropriate speed reducer, if the load is too large, then the gear for a long time, the natural life is not long.

Secondly, in the use of a period of time, we need to observe, such as whether the emergence of the reducer, speed or other circumstances, at this time should be considered if there is a problem. In the use of a period of time after the discovery of the temperature is too high or the rotation is not very smooth, it is required to determine whether the gear wear or need to add the lubricating oil.

Finally, in the installation of planetary gear reducer, the best should be in accordance with the stability, shock absorption, stability of the supporting structure above.

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