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Transmission characteristics of planetary gear box

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-12-29 14:15:00

The planetary gear motor reducer is also called planetary gear box. Its mechanical structure is a number of planetary gears around a rotation of the sun gear wheel, but also to reduce the transmission ratio, at the same time, to increase the torque of the gear motor.

8MM metal planetary DC motor


The characteristics of the planetary gear box: small size, high quality, compact structure, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, high transmission efficiency, the ability to faint, shock and vibration. In general, under the same loading conditions, overall size and quality of planetary gear transmission is about ordinary gear 1/2-1/5, due to the symmetry of planetary gear transmission structure, the effect of reaction in the center of the wheel and the turning arm bearing the mutual balance in favor of to improve the transmission efficiency of the role.

About gear box failure, 40% of the failure is due to the design, manufacturing, assembly and raw materials and other factors, the same time, there are 43% reasons for the maintenance is not timely and improper operation caused by users. The rest is due to the failure or defect of the adjacent condition. In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of the wind power gear box, improve the reliability of the gear transmission, on the one hand, we need to improve the design, improve the machining accuracy and improve the assembly quality, on the other hand, we must improve the operation management and maintenance level. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for gear transmission device.

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