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Turbine worm gear motor common problems solving solutions

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-10-26 10:12:00

    Turbine worm gear motor is a kind of compact structure, large transmission ratio, and under certain conditions has self-locking function of mechanical transmission, is one of the most commonly used gear motor on the market at present. Hollow shaft type worm gear reducer motor is in the turbine worm reducer input with a helical gear reducer, multistage reducer consisting of very low output speed can be obtained, is levels helical gear and worm gear combinations, than pure single stage turbine gear motor has higher efficiency and small vibration, low noise, low energy consumption characteristics. Combined with hollow shaft type worm gear deceleration motor installation more convenient, structure more reasonable, so it is getting more and more widely used.

Turbine worm gear motor is in use process will often meet the problem of have a fever and deceleration motor oil, turbine abrasion, drive bevel pinion wear and damage of bearing (worm).To solve these problems, to do the following:

1. Guarantee the quality of assembly: gear motor in disassembly and installation of turbine, worm, the parts such as bearings, gears, try to avoid a direct hit with a hammer and other tools. In replacing worm gear, turbine, and try to choose original factory parts and replaced in pairs. Pay attention to protect the hollow shaft, to prevent wear and tear of rust.

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2. The selection of lubricating oil and additives. Worm gear reducer motor generally use 220 # gear oil, on some of the heavier load, frequent restart, use environment poor gear motor, also should choose some lubricating oil additives. This is because the gear motor, when stop, gear oil is still attached to the surface of gear, form protective membrane to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and contact between the metal and metal when it is started. This is due to the additive also contains sealing ring regulator and leakage resistance agent, keep seal soft and elastic, effectively reduce oil leakage phenomenon.

3. Reduction motor installation location choice, in the case of position allows, as far as possible do not use vertical installation. This is because the vertical installation of lubricating oil additives much more than the level of installation, easy to cause fever and deceleration motor oil.

4. Establish the corresponding lubrication maintenance system. According to the actual situation to formulate the lubrication of the factory work principle, the gear motor for maintenance. When work found in the oil temperature is high, the quality of the oil drop or oil was found to contain more copper powder and the phenomenon such as abnormal noise, to immediately stop using the check in time, troubleshooting, and replace the lubricating oil before use. Early on, pay attention to the oil quantity and installation location is consistent, guarantees to the correct lubrication of the gear motor.

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