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Two developments leading the new trend of motor reducer

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-03-25 09:13:00

As the higher and higher degree of mechanization, our demand for micro gear motor is also increasing, so today we are going to talk about future development direction of micro gear reducing motor.

1 Mechanical and electrical integration

The micro gear motor not only need a miniature transmission device can transfer power micro planetary gear reducer, but also need a micro planetary gear with power drive reducer. In other words, micro motor speed gear unit needs more compact synthesis by micro motors and micro planetary gear reducer, it has two functions of driving and reducer. So the gear transmission device has the function of mechanical and electrical integration, which is characterized in that: the micro planetary gear reducer input shaft is coaxial with the motor shaft and the output shaft, and its load should be compactly connected together. In the structure the motor shaft and planetary gear reducer is connected to an input shaft of the motor, the sun gear and a gear shaft in the same axis line, and connected to each other. The planetary gear reducer The output shaft (with internal gear e integrally connected to the output shaft of the combined body), which is composed of motor and planetary gear reducer are combined into one of the built-in gear transmission device

4MM metal planetary DC motor

2 Gear lubricate

The problem of gear lubrication in gear transmission device is a very important problem in the development of the miniature planetary gear. Many scholars engaged in tribology research is committed to solve this problem better. But for the lubrication problem of micro motor speed transmission becomes more and more important. According to the relevant literature to clarify, in general power transmission gear device, spindle gear reducer with smaller diameter, friction torque is the operation of all power loss in the proportion is higher. However, in the micro machine, to accurately measure the friction torque is very small but it is not an easy task. But the micro planetary gear friction the torque converter for all its power loss in proportion can be calculated, will be increased. At present, people pay special attention to the research work in the field of micro tribology, do not look forward to For a long time in the future it can effectively solve the lubrication problem of micro motor speed.

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