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Types of gear drives

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2015-11-13 10:24:00

    ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics mainly researches and develops production of micro gear motor, planetary gear box, gear box motor gear transmission products, which are widely used in various fields. So, what are the types of gear transmissions? Underneath, ZhaoWei  Machinery & Electronics simply introduce the following two types for you:
    Planetary gear drive
    Planetary gear drive is a fixed axis gear transmission. A lot of planetary gear transmission types, different types of performance vary widely, depending on the type of working conditions reasonably choose is very important. There are many types of planetary gear transmission, the performance of different types is very different. It is very important to choose the proper type according to the working conditions. Commonly used by the sun, planetary gear, internal gear and planetary frame composed of ordinary planetary transmission, the transmission of the transmission of the pin gear and so on. Planetary gear transmission is generally composed of parallel axis gear, with small size, light weight, the input shaft and output shaft can be in the same line. Its application is more and more extensive.

22MM metal planetary DC motor

    Worm drive
    The main form of staggered shaft driving, axis stagger Angle is 90 ° commonly. Worm drive can obtain large transmission ratio, single stage is 8 ~ 80, usually used to pass motion of up to 1500; Transmitted power of up to 4500 kw; Worm speed to 30000 r/min; Circumferential speed to 70 m/SEC. Worm drive work smoothly, transmission ratio accurately and can be self-locked, but since the lock transmission efficiency is lower than 0.5. Sliding between worm drive tooth surface is larger, the calorific value is more, the transmission efficiency is low, usually is 0.45 ~ 0.97.
    ZhaoWeii Machinery & Electronics Micro motor, planetary gear box, gear box motor and other gear drive products, with low noise, high efficiency transmission characteristics. Variety, the products sell well foreign markets by clients.

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