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What is a helical gear reducer motor

Categories: Latest NewsRelease time: 2016-08-12 15:33:00

  ZHAOWEI is speciallized in manufacturing and selling mini DC gear motors and planetary gear motors. Now, tailor-made service is available! If required, please contact us with no hesitation!

Helical gear motor is a kind of more novel reducer gear, helical gear motor using optimization, module combination system advanced design idea, makes the motor helical gear reducer has small volume, light weight, big transmission torque, stable starting, transmission ratio fine classification, can be arbitrarily connected according to user requirements and selection of a variety of installation position. The inside of the helical gear motor gear is high strength high quality alloy steel, carburized reserves on the surface, carrying capacity is strong, durable!

Helical gear motor consists of involute helical gear and helical gear motor turbine gear motor.

Involute helical gear motor has small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, high efficiency, long service life, easy installation, the configuration of the motor power is wide and its transmission ratio fine classification, etc. Involute gear reduction motor can be widely used in various industries need deceleration devices.

Helical geared worm gear motor uses a straight league, in the form of structure for first-class helical gear and worm gear and worm drive. Output shaft mounted, six basic installations, positive &negative operation, helical gear with hard tooth face, smooth operation, carrying capacity is big, the work environment temperature in - 10 to 40 . Helical gear worm gear reducer motor speed range compared with similar gear motor products, compact structure, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting. Light industry, transportation, construction and other various machinery gear motor.

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