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Which is the most professional micro reducer motor products?

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    ZHAOWEI was founded in 1997, producing miniature gear motors used in sound production devices.

Due to constant research and development and the need to satisfy all the customers’ requirements, ZHAOWEI recently increased its product range to include high power planetary gear-motors

Today the company, after having undergone the usual generational changes, has remained very much a family run business, succeeding however to keep up with worldwide market trends and retaining the flexibility of a small company with the potential of a larger one.

Zhao Wei is committed to the information and communication and new energy smart transmission mechanism, independently developed 4G base station antenna power transfer system, smart home, intelligent robot core driver module, in the international advanced level. And established long-term strategic partnership with HUAWEI, Germany BOSCH, Panasonic and other world top 500 enterprises, business growth rapidly and development prospects brightly. ZhaoWei is manufacturing enterprises which focus on precision molding parts injection and precision driving system. And started the Huizhou Machinery & Electronics Company project, as a sign to the world stage, and made a great contribution for economic development and social progress.

Products are mainly related to automotive components, industrial equipment, smart home, medical equipment and standardized gear box, providing services and solutions for the world's intelligent driving.

Client satisfaction is the main aim of ZHAOWEI, achieved by maintaining high quality standards, efficient customer support, competitive prices and by offering the possibility to make small customized modifications.

Precision, extreme care and scrupulous 100% testing guarantee high quality and reliable end products.

In order to develop the oversea market, we are current seeking new partners around the world to create a bright future together. ZHAOWEI is a right choice and excellent partnership with sincere services.


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