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Gearboxes for wrist blood pressure monitors

Hypertensionis now one of the risk factors for many cardio-cerebrovascular disease.With the gradual rejuvenation of hypertension, wrist blood pressure monitors are widely used in clinical and family because of their small size, simplicity and speed. The wrist blood pressure monitor measures the "pulse pressure value" of the wrist artery. If the blood pressure monitor wristband is not tied, the measured value will be biased. ZHAOWEI gearbox solutions help the wrist blood pressure monitor to realize its stability,comfort and convenience. 
Zhaowei gearboxes for wrist blood pressure monitors makes the pressure monitor more convenient,which mainly has the function of self-checking,and it can easily measure blood pressure with one hand.When the wrist wristband is clasped, the sensor will sense your hand, and the Zhaowei gearbox for wrist blood pressure monitor provides power, so that the wrist blood pressure monitor begins to contract, when the sensor senses that the gearbox automatically reaches a certain force (elastic tension),it will automatically stop, then start measuring blood pressure, and intelligently release the wristband (reverse) after testing.
24V DC power is used as the power supply, and 24V permanent magnet DC motor is used as the driving power source. After the motor is supplied with DC power, the motor rotates, and the motor worm and the turbine of the 20 mm plastic planetary gear box from ZHAOWEI are first-stage decelerated, and a nut is fixed on the inner tube. After the screw is rotated, the nut advances and retreats on the screw rod, thereby the inner tube forward and backward.By switching the positive and negative poles of 24V DC, the motor will rotate forward or reverse, thus achieving the telescopic (elasticity) of the wrist blood pressure monitor wristband.
Popular reasons of the wrist blood pressure monitor
Wrist blood pressure monitor has become the new and popular product of family and medical testing equipment. The main reason is small size, easy to carry, stable test performance and accurate blood pressure measurement. In order to realize these characters,when we developed a gearbox for wrist blood pressure monitor,after analyzing the blood pressure monitor structure and simulating the corresponding parameter range,finally, the 20mm plastic planetary gearbox from ZHAOWEI is used to realize the positive and negative adjustments,and the gearbox structure has two-stage, three-stage, four-stage transmission changes,so the reduction ratio can be changed and and the input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements of the starter motor of the wrist blood pressure monitor.
Wrist blood pressure monitor has stable testing performance, but some monitors make a "buzzing" noise during their use. In order to solve this problem,the gear in the blood pressure monitor gear box from ZHAOWEI is made of POM material, and the noise of the product is reduced by POM self-lubricity.
Wrist pulse voltage market is good, if intelligent transmission gear service life is short, or will lose the user's market.In order to improve the service life and quality of the products, Zhaowei used kinematics simulation to verify the smoothness and local interference of the gear pair movement in the gear and gearbox design stage. At the same time, the finite element analysis technology is used to analyze and check the tooth surface strength of the spiral teeth and bevel gears. The cavity pressure technology is used to detect changes in cavity pressure during injection molding and to monitor product quality.

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