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Gear motors for elliptical pedal adjustment

ZHAOWEI uses a 38mm motor combined with a customized worm gearbox to realize the drive demand of small volume and large torque.
Different training effects can be achieved by switching height and speed. In order to simulate the motion of different scenes, we use the elliptical gearbox to match the slope of the elliptical trainer with the speed to distinguish the drive torque level. According to the exercise intensity requirement, the treadmill's pedal track can be changed, and the treadmill pedal angle can be adjusted intelligently,avoiding hurting your knees.
Life is endless, and exercise is not stop!
A treadmill is available in the family and gym. It drives the running belt through the motor to make people run or move passively at different speeds. But there is also a drawback, the hands can not leave the handrail, in fact, can only go quickly, can not really run. In order to solve this problem, many fitness equipment manufacturers have developed and designed stair steppers.
The stair steppers uses a wheel-turning design that works like a treadmill, and most stair steppers use an independent pedal design. When you step on the pedal with one foot, the pedal under the other foot will rise. The traditional stair steppers uses a vertical movement of the hydraulic step, which is easy to impact damage to the knee.
ZHAOWEI gear drive for elliptical pedal adjustment
In order to solve this problem,ZHAOWEI has analyzed the crank-rocker mechanism of the elliptical trainer from the perspective of humanization, and developed the elliptical tilt-adjusting gearbox solution. The motion track of  the elliptical trainer was transformed into an ellipse by adjusting the angle of the gearbox's tilting pedal,which will reduce the joint pressure of the user during exercise and avoid knee injury.
Reliable gear drive
The transmission of the elliptical pedal includes a reducer, a coupling and a solenoid valve, and the pedal adjuster is composed of a screw and a gear transmission mechanism. A flexible shaft is coupled between the transmission and the pedal adjuster. In the crank-rock mechanism with limited space, in order to solve the reliability of the pedal adjustment of the intelligent elliptical machine, under the voltage of 12v, ZHAOWEI uses a 38mm motor combined with a customized worm gearbox to realize the drive demand of small volume and large torque.
Two-stage, three-stage, and four-stage transmission of planetary gearbox for the elliptical pedal adjustment can be customized. The reduction ratio can be changed according to the design requirements of the pedal motor and the input speed and torque of the gearbox can be adjusted, that is, Through information transmission, the correct information can be checked and the corresponding feedback can be made. By sending different commands to the circuit board that can accept the Bluetooth information, and then starting the motor, the angle of the pedal can be intelligently adjusted.
While pursuing the functionality and safety of fitness equipment products, consumers will also emphasize the intelligent, networked and personalized needs of their products. ZHAOWEI can help fitness equipment manufacturers to further enhance the interactive entertainment, intelligent science, self-management and functional diversity of fitness equipment in the intelligent drive system of fitness equipment.
The future fitness equipment products will be a smart health management system that integrates cloud management, big data and Internet of Things technologies. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of the product market, we produce standard gearboxes with specifications ranging from 3.4mm to 38mm, output speeds from 5rpm to 1500rpm, speed ratios ranging from 2 to 2000, and output torques from to In addition, various intelligent drive gearboxes can be customized according to customer needs, including R&D design, production, testing, assembly and so on.
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