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Self coagulation knife (SUCO pump knife)

Project Description: under B ultrasound guidance for cyst, abscess, effusion and blood clots absorbed in, SUCO pump at the tip of the suction port into the interior of the diseased tissue; due to the inner tube of spiral core needle puncture and work closely with, in SUCOpump suction port and exhaust port was partitioned into a plurality of sealing the space curved surface. When the SUCO pump start, with the high-speed rotation of the spiral of the needle core, using Archimedes' pressure principle to form vacuum attraction, these sealed space in the SUCO pump suction side are evolving, the suction puncture tube which lesions enclosure, and along the axial direction of the spiral needle core continuous passage to the discharge end, will be closed in the sealing space lesions continue to discharge.


Project Description: ZHAOWEI through 21years of gearbox development experience, design the self clotting cutter gear box (SUCO pump knife gear box). In accordance with the requirements of medical gear box of noise and reliability is high, through the gear box analysis and improve the accuracy of gear gear are solved in the process of transmission noise and transmission efficiency of the problem, customers get recognized.
Above is for a specific customer development and design, only as a self clotting cutter gear box of the program.


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