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Intelligent eye massage gearbox

Categories: Medical deviceRelease time: 2018-07-09 17:12:00
Project Background
  Nowadays, eyestrain, photophobia, blurred eyes, dry eyes, dark circles and other eye problems have become a lot of people's problems.
Project problem
  Solve the control degree of massage force of eye protector under high frequency vibration and the transformation of massage strength of each adjusting file,and reduce vibration noise.

Advantages of Zhaowei Gearboxes 
  1.The design of planetary gear breaks through the design idea and scheme of the industry, improves the function of noise reduction, meets the requirement of mute (micro-noise) when the product is running, and the noise of the product is less than 40DB.
  2.Improve greatly the quality and efficiency of the eye protector equipment, Zhaowei design and development of multi-layer transferable transmission ratio mechanism, the product has two, three, four transmission changes, can easily switch the frequency and intensity of eye protection instruments according to the design requirements of eye protection instruments.
The following is the product parameters of the 24mm reduction gearbox for eye massage gearbox:

  In order to meet the ever-changing market demand for personal health care, our eye protector massage deceleration gear box has 22mm\ 24mm\ 28mm\ 35mm\ 45MM.If you do not find the eye protector you need in these specifications, massage motor gearbox, you can contact our online sales manager.The above scheme is derived from Zhaowei's research and development concept, which can only be displayed and promoted, involving similar patent ownership of other companies, which can be revoked .With 21 years of research in the field of massager gearbox, Zhaowei has designed a whole set of massager solutions, such as: cosmetometer gearbox, massage chair gearbox, massage shoe gearbox, etc. Welcome to enquire.





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