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From July 3. to 5. 2019--Lock Security Products Expo

2019-07-16 17:23:51
The Lock Security Products Expo2019 is based on the IoT and ecosystem chain, and describes the technological innovations in the integration of AI technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies into traditional door lock products. As we all know,the Lock Security Products Expo 2019 from July 3. to 5. 2019 is being held in SNIEC,Shanghai,China.Today is the first day of the exhibition, we will look forward to meet you at our booth A105 in Hall N5.
For many years, ZHAOWEI has focused on the custom development of micro-transmission system solutions. Our electronic lock gearbox specifications include 10mm gear box for drawer cabinet lock, 5G base station cabinet lock gear box, smart home inner door lock gear box, smart door lock gear box, logistics cabinet lock gear box, bicycle lock gear box, etc.
The traditional electronic lock adopts a gourd-shaped in-line lock cylinder, which penetrates the two sides of the lock body, and has a transmission device in the middle of the lock core for controlling the expansion and contraction of the lock tongue when the key is rotated. As a lock transmission system solution provider, ZHAOWEI focuses on the needs of the intelligent electronic lock industry, and can solve the problem of unlocking the lock (unreliable unlocking), unsafe lock and short life of the lock for the intelligent transmission of the customer's products. Zhaowei intelligent electronic lock transmission solution uses the reduction gear box and micro motor in the transmission of the lock cylinder. The drive lock of the gear motor can effectively control the unlocking and locking function of the lock cylinder.

Before the “small black box” incident, Zhaowei had considered the safety and reliability of the lock motor in the design and development.In general, the locking bolt of the home door is controlled by the front panel. In the lock motor control system of Zhaowei intelligent home, the lock gear motor can directly cooperate with the lock core in the lock core system to form the intelligent lock control board after the system.And make special defense measures in the aspect of anti-electromagnetic interference,which passed test of electromagnetic interference of different power and various failure analysis can achieve anti-interference magnetic, intelligent door lock short circuit will not be broken, do not open the door for strangers and other effects.
In this solution, the lock clutch motor gearbox has passed the salt spray test, and the gear motor has the characteristics of low noise, high dynamic performance, low energy consumption and long service life.
With the development of 5G application, the acceptance of smart locks by users is increasing, and the smart lock industry will have a new growth point. ZHAOWEI electronic lock gearbox solution will help smart locks develop into the fast lane. ZHAOWEI can custom gear motors for lock according to customer’s requirements. 

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