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Gearbox solutions for 5G application scenario are coming

2019-03-11 17:19:21

Recently, at the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona, many companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and OPPO have released their own 5G mobile phones. 5G, a feast of advance notice, will be presented to us.
5G has become a unified connection architecture and innovation platform for all things. 5G plays a important role in Internet of things, Automotive and Industrial Internet.From consumption to investment to exports, 5G will have a driving role in these three levels. Today,i want to write about the relevant extensions of the various gearbox solutions in the 5G application scenario. 
Zhaowei is helping to shape the 5G future by creating gear transmission technology that can realize the functions of smart home, intelligent health, automatic driving, drone distribution systems, virtual reality and more.
ZHAOWEI intelligent communication drive solutions lead EMBB to achieve high-speed link
The biggest difference between 4G and 5G is the difference between base stations.
5G base station antenna for the future, ZHAOWEI R&D team has designed the electric gear box for mobile phone base station antenna combining with the multi-frequency and multi-port, miniaturization and intelligentization of mobile phone base stations,so the gearbox can more intelligently control and adjust the elevation direction,which makes the mobile bandwidth high-speed smooth and intelligently realizes the maximum coverage, the minimum coverage and the main coverage of the area flow. The transition of the phone base antenna from manual adjustment to electric adjustment can intelligently adjust the elevation direction according to the bandwidth,meeting the user's expectation for higher bandwidth and a large number of critical communication tasks.
Higher EMBB,closer to the MMTC intelligent world of internet of everything.
Smart home solutions lead smart home into the age of AI
Zhaowei has always been committed to providing innovative technology solutions and services to the smart home market, enabling smart homes to serve our lives and creating a healthier life. Based on our years of experience in R&D and design of miniature gearboxes,we have designed and developed solutions of home motors and gearboxes according to customer’s needs,which have the characteristics of miniature, large torque, small volume, low noise, high temperature difference and high efficiency.
Intelligent Logistics Solution building an efficient and modern smart factory
The emergence of the self-service system of the intelligent express cabinet solves the last 100-meter problem encountered in the development of the express industry,which is an important symbol of the transformation from the traditional express delivery to the intelligent express delivery. But at the same time, the intelligent express cabinet self-service in the process of development still has some problems need to solve, layout, fees, security and so on. Considering factory quality inspection, warehousing logistics, intelligent monitoring and other scenarios, ZHAOWEI based on face, image, PaddlePaddle,EasyDL and other technologies, provides intelligent logistics solutions for logistics security, quality inspection in production line , park management and so on,improving production safety management ability. 
Intelligent Urban solution---"Technology& Ecology" Intelligent Transportation
In the monitoring system of the layout smart city, we have developed and designed the camera PTZ gearbox solution to solve the horizontal and vertical continuous running angles of the camera PTZ and the adjustment of the running speed, including rapid response capability, reliability and life of high-speed operation, and stability of low-speed operation and avoidance unclear camera caused by jitter. Smart City Drive Solutions adheres to the concept of “Technology + Ecology” to create a smart transportation integrated cloud platform based on big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, and ZHAOWEI provides excellent solutions for traffic, management and provides service for citizens.
Smart Medical Solution open the era of big data in medical service
Based on the Internet of Things, ZHAOWEI designs and develops small-sized and intelligently adjustable equipment or instruments to create intelligent wearable terminal devices, realizing the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions and medical devices, and building a smart medical service system. ZHAOWEI provides medical and health solutions which are comprehensive coverage, safe and controllable, simple operation and maintenance, and future-oriented.
Zhaowei intelligent transmission solution is more than high-speed, solving URLLC without delay.
In order to control the smooth operation of the equipment,Intelligent robot drive solutions can realize high efficiency and advanced speed control functions .We have designed a drive system with a smaller, multi-stage transmission structure to achieve stable, small-volume, high-torque transmission requirements.

Surgical instruments requires high power, high speed and high efficiency. We have gradually replaced servo motors with stepper motors in combination with planetary gearboxes to improve the efficiency of medical procedures. Our medical motors are characterized by miniature, large torque, small volume, low noise, and high and low temperature resistance.
Based on SD maps, ASAS maps, high-precision maps, AI, and big data, Zhaowei provides intelligent automobile drive solutions to domestic and foreign automobile companies, and works with automobile companies, Tier1 manufacturers, chip manufacturers and service providers to create smart car new ecology.Unmanned driving requires inter-vehicle communication to improve road traffic efficiency. For example, to avoid "Phantom traffic jams" ,in order to achieve multi-vehicle high-speed driving, it is necessary to realize that when a certain vehicle brakes decelerate, it can send information to other vehicles through a high-speed network, and notify all vehicles to synchronously brake.The high-speed and high-bandwidth of 5G precisely meets the needs of such information transmission. In the era of the car, a comprehensive wireless connection can integrate additional services such as navigation systems into the vehicle to support frequent information exchange between the vehicle control system and the cloud system, reducing human intervention. 5G is likely to become a unified connection technology to meet future connectivity requirements for shared car, remote operation, automatic and collaborative driving, and to replace or complement existing information connection technologies.
In the future of the Internet of Everything, the low-power, extensive coverage of 5G provides a new and powerful support for the Internet of Things, opening an era of intelligent life. Zhaowei, specializing in the development and production of precision drive systems, provides customers with customized services for intelligent transmission design, production and assembly of parts, with the aim of providing intelligent transmission solutions customization and design for various application scenarios.

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