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Micro gearbox makes your phone camera around

2019-01-08 15:44:11
Most mobile phone cameras are set as front- and rear-facing two-way cameras. Manufacturers consider the cost-effectiveness and functional limitations of mobile phones. In general, the pixels of the front camera of the mobile phone are lower than the pixels of the rear camera. However, now the majority of mobile phone camera configurations have been unable to meet the high pixel requirements. For this reason, the 6MM planetary reduction gearbox developed by ZHAOWEI has solved the series of volume and service life. The problem is to make the electric rotating camera and product work difficult in the limited space of the mobile phone.

In April,2017,ZHAOWEI micro 3.4mm gearbox is being used as a phone camera drive. ZHAOWEI mobile phone project, an electric rotating camera, has been designed to change the traditional camera concept.Adopt to a "planetary gear three-stage drive structure” with a stepping motor,the camera can turn.The motorized lens assembly is precisely and rigorously tested, including in different humidity and temperature environments. The test included 200,000 rotation tests on the rotor part and the stepping motor inside the rotor, and 100,000 times of continuous rotation test. In other words, if the user turns 100 times a day, it can be rotated for three years.

The design can decrease cost,and meets needs of the pixels of the front camera,which realizes a breakthrough in the design of the mobile phone camera in the industry.

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