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ZHAOWEI's documentary film

2019-04-15 17:29:15

Why can he change from an honest worker to the leader of an innovative company? How does an ordinary small factory step into the world of micro gears step by step?

Forty years, a moment in history, Shenzhen has developed from a small fishing village into an amazing cosmopolitan city, creating a world-famous Shenzhen’ speed. Encouraged by the slogan of “If you come to Shenzhen,you are Shenzhen people.”, Shenzhen has emerged a batch of beach-goers. Li Haizhou has been in Shenzhen for twenty-nine years. He has witnessed the changing times of the city. He has also grown from an ordinary worker to a successful entrepreneur.

In 1997, Li Haizhou founded Shenzhen ZhaoWei Machinery & Electronics Co. Ltd. He borrowed money to buy two or three injection molding machines and lived with his wife in a rental house. During this period, Li Haizhou began to learn and study how to make more precise and tiny motor parts. Under his leadership, ZHAOWEl gradually developed into a well-known supplier of motor parts.

At an exhibition held in Shanghai,our products attracted considerable interest from Japan SANKYO,due to their unique technology. So the Japan SANKYO began to try to cooperate with ZHAOWEl. Li Haizhou impressed the customers with his tenacity. ZHAOWEI received a steady order from Japan SANKYO.
ZHAOWEI has finally entered the field of precision motor manufacturing and has become a supplier of motor core components for well-known companies such as SANKYO, Panasonic and SANYO. Zhaowei began to introduce the world's advanced manufacturing equipment and improve the craftsmanship, which also laid a solid foundation for them to enter the field of precision gear components.
After 18 years of development, Zhaowei has become a professional manufacturer of intelligent transmission systems. In the era of intelligence, ZHAOWEI manufactures high-quality products in the fields of robotics, home automation, automobile, medical and communication and contributes a meager power to people entering intelligent life.

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